What Is Your Company Good At?

One of the things I often get asked is what does Conscient do?

Over the last four years I have given a range of answers as our company has grown. But one consistent theme has been that we remind companies what they are good at. This might seem odd as you would think that well established business would know this instinctively.

What we have found however is that as an organisation grows, people come and go, products are launched and withdrawn and markets change, that companies lose sight of their core competencies.

We help by carefully listening to clients, particularly about their propositions, target customers, values, historical and recent successes. We also interview some of their customers to discover what value they get from the company’s products or services.

We create an internal value proposition document that highlights the customer benefits and enables our clients to better focus their marketing efforts and tailor their messages to their target markets.

Aside from the obvious commercial benefits, our clients tell us that the clarity that comes from this process, has the additional advantage of defining what they should stop doing, as well as where they should focus their efforts in the future.

Nigel Stevens, CEO