To Office or Not to Office?

If you told me six months ago that we would take on a new, larger office I wouldn’t have believed you.

For the last two years we had managed remarkably well without one. During lockdown we moved to a completely cloud-based IT model, which enabled us to work from home, gave us improved flexibility and increased our productivity. In that same period we served our customers well and enjoyed significant growth.

So why did we lease a new office?

Well firstly, we got a great deal. Covid has significantly reduced demand for London offices, as a consequence we managed to get a much larger space for less money. Now, you shouldn’t buy something you don’t need just because its cheap, so we thought long and hard before making the leap.

There were three key considerations in making the decision:

1.      Creativity
We are a marketing agency, and we therefore need to be highly collaborative and creative. We felt that unplanned conversations and ideas that come about by being together could not be easily replicated on a Zoom call.

2.      Differing needs
I am fortunate that I have a dedicated office at home so I can work peacefully and productively. However we recognised that this wasn’t the same for everyone in the company as they often had to share space with other people.

3.      Credibility
As a relatively new and growing company we felt that not having an office might make it harder to win business from larger clients.

The outcome? Well, hybrid is the answer, at least for us. Since moving back we have established a pattern of working both in the office and at home. It feels much more flexible, and I think we are all happier working in this way.

So that’s our story, what’s yours?

Nigel Stevens, CEO