PR Services — Conscient

PR Services

We realise that an important dimension of promoting your company is what can be achieved through PR. We also know that for most companies that doesn’t mean getting print coverage in the national newspapers. It means using PR strategically to help you promote your services to existing and potential customers, and to help you stand out from your competitors. Our PR capability is designed to address and leverage our Telecoms and Data Centre expertise, and to help you draw attention to your work.

Communications strategy

In today’s multimedia landscape, we work with you to develop a targeted communications strategy that supports you to achieve your commercial objectives. This includes identifying your key audiences and developing your key messaging. 

Content creation

Compelling content is critical to gaining attention. We help you to develop content that will engage your audiences and secure media coverage, including  press releases and industry commentary, developing industry white papers, and impactful visuals that tell your story.

Media management

We use our relationships with specialist media to set up opportunities for you to meet and brief influential journalists, and to secure in-depth coverage for your company.

Media skills training

We develop and provide bespoke training courses on how the media works, how to engage with journalists and how to develop content and stories to secure media coverage. We also offer interview preparation and broadcast media training.

Crisis communications

Today, reputation is fundamental to success. A poorly managed crisis incident can undermine years of building your brand and do fatal damage to your business. We help you to comprehensively identify and prepare for any potential crisis scenario.

Key messaging

We can help you to develop a compelling company narrative and key messaging that will cut through the noise and communicate what your business does, the services you provide and most importantly why customers should buy your offer.

Copywriting and blogs

We review and develop carefully crafted copy that will engage your readers and communicate your key messages, including for reports and white papers. We help you to develop blogs and copy for online articles, including for internal communications and staff engagement.

Targeted media coverage

We map and identify the publications you need to appear in to reach your audiences and potential customers. We secure coverage for your company in these publications and we work directly with key journalists to identify opportunities for you.

Story development

We help you turn your announcements, activities, partnerships and successes into stories that will be of interest to specialist media and which deliver media coverage that directly targets your key audiences