Advisory — Conscient

Advisory Services

We can take a fresh look at your company and advise on strategy and planning. Supporting your team with plans for go to market, product launches, sales, marketing, service and technology. We can help advise on strategic direction, with a proven track record in helping a variety of clients in technology industries. General business advice is easy to come by, but knowledgeable, timely and industry specific guidance is a rare commodity.  Let Conscient make a difference to your business.

Product development

We can follow up any strategic engagement with actual development of a new market, product, service or process. Very often the best laid plans can fail in the execution phase because the resources required to implement are either unavailable or distracted.

Executive as a service

Our services include providing individuals and operating partners for particular projects or as advisors to portfolio owners on a short or long-term basis, drawing on the breadth and depth of our skills base, not as financial advisors, but as experienced operating executives.


We are able to provide support and advice on high-level strategic decisions. With an in-depth understanding of the industry, the use of research and data analysis we can help in the evaluation, development and execution of your companies’ strategic plans.


Conscient can provide specialized and targeted research, using our high level of expertise in the technology industry. Operating as an impartial party, we are able to produce reports and analysis of key findings to help with market research, competitors or products.

Go to market

Conscient work closely with their clients to help define and execute their go to market strategy. We can help identify and advise on the complex choice’s companies are faced when delivering a product, service or strategy to market.

Data centre specific

The Data Centre marketplace requires specialist knowledge of the technology and the marketplace of any particular region. Conscient provide advisory services for investors, enterprises and data centre operators.