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How to plan and schedule your social media content for LinkedIn

Sticking to a schedule is important for your business, and the same is crucial for your social media content
How to plan and schedule your Social Media Management for LinkedIn_Conscient

Sticking to a schedule is important for your business, and the same is crucial for your social media content.

Currently, a LinkedIn backdated scheduling tool is not available on the B2B platform, so how do you publish content effectively? Read on for our top tips and strategies that can help you get ahead with your social media sharing.

What are the benefits of scheduling LinkedIn posts? 

Planning content on social media means a flexible schedule, allowing room for real-time updates. But why is it crucial as part of your LinkedIn social media efforts? Here are some reasons why: 

1. Consistency 

Once you have set expectations with your audience, you must maintain them, or you risk losing credibility. Consistency helps your audience gage when to next expect fresh content from you. Maintaining a consistent schedule means maximising your engagement as it increases your organic reach through the LinkedIn algorithm; therefore, your posts are being shown to new people, attracting followers to your page.  

2. Time-savings 

Maintaining a schedule allows you to plan ahead and avoid last minute multitasking, along with enabling you to document your creative ideas for future posts. Although you will be posting consistently, this doesn’t mean that you need to watch your social feeds; invest in a tool for content scheduling to aid in keeping up with your calendar.  

3. No gaps between posts  

Similarly, to consistency, by scheduling your posts on social channels you can avoid ever having a period with no posting. Using scheduling tools enables you to see the gaps in posts ahead of time, allowing you to move content around to avoid lacking post regularity. 

4. Activate different time zones 

Whilst there is an optimum time to post specifically for each time region, this does not consider your customers or viewers that are in alternative time zones. Having scheduled posts will allow for posts to be published throughout various times of the day, engaging your audience in different time zones.  

5. Increased impressions and engagement  

By increasing the frequency and amount of content going out on your personal and business profiles, you will be able to organically grow and create a better and stronger network, allowing for others to view and actively engage with your content. 

By planning, you can also make sure that there is a good variety of topics being published by those in your network as well as your personal or business profile. Scheduling helps ensure consistency for individuals who manage multiple profiles and provides insight into how long each piece of content takes to create, allowing you better planning for future content.  


Not sure where to start? Conscient is here to help:

The next steps are organisation and implementation, this can be made easier with the use of online tools for social media management solutions. Have a look at our top recommended tools below:

LinkedIn scheduling tool options – both paid and free:


This tool enables you to understand your audience whilst engaging with your online community through content planning and demographic listening features. Whilst this is a paid tool, multiple plans are available depending on what features you choose to include, at a range of prices. Once your content is scheduled and published, Sprout makes it easy to measure success and refine your content plan going forward.  


This social media marketing tool allows you to visually plan your posts, publish automatically, and obtain insights to help you reach a wider audience. With Later, you can schedule your content as simple as dragging and dropping. The app also tells you your unique best time to post, meaning you can schedule mass content and publish at ease! Whilst you can use Later on a free plan, this limits you to one social set (e.g. LinkedIn) however a range of paid packages are offered by Later to meet your social media content scheduling needs!  


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