Internal Branding for Sure

Sure reached out to us wanting to develop internal branding designs in order to support growth and align company branding to business needs. Conscient proposed designs with an approach that was consistent with Sure’s existing marketing styles, but which aimed to be more inclusive of the company’s overall goals and character, taking into account the desired outcomes of the project set by Sure.

Outcome 1: To bring brand into action to create attractive workspaces, improving brand awareness and creating an inclusive environment.

How this was achieved:Recognising and acting on the potential to expand branding into the workspace, we began working with Sure to develop new internal branding opportunities.

We developed a series of designs which we then integrated throughout the business, providing images such as network maps for the reception and interior building, as well as additional site graphics and screensavers. We provided a number of mockup options to visualise designs, allowing for feedback and providing recommendations for further development of internal branding. Additionally, we delivered bespoke photography with positive images of Sure’s brand to integrate into the workspace, which also provided collateral for branding development across the whole company.

Results: Conscient developed a professional workspace which reflected Sure’s goals as a company, delivering consistent branding in Sure’s in-life and online presence.

As such, employees received a clearer and deeper understanding of the company, with developed branding helping staff to get aligned with company values, purpose and vision, and encouraging a positive and inclusive work environment. Positive and attractive work environments developed through such internal branding projects also produce beneficial results in business as it motivates employees and creates an atmosphere conducive to generating successful, high-quality and productive work.

Outcome 2:  To develop a marketing campaign which focuses around the people behind Sure, highlighting the individuals who power it.

How this was achieved:In order to meet Sure’s desired outcome, Conscient developed a campaign titled Powered by People and incorporated this campaign into further branding decisions.

We integrated designs which celebrated and highlighted the Island of Guernsey and provided bespoke photography from a local photographer which produced imagery of the local landscape and people. We created a set of illustrative characters based around the people powering Sure, bringing to life the individuals behind the company and linking to company values, approach and culture. We then curated those images to form stories of the individual people in the community, to align with the imagery and highlight the variety of people and range of different jobs that keep Sure running.

Results: Delivering internal branding based around the people of Sure helped to inspire, empower, and generate a sense of purpose and importance to the individual employees, giving a degree of vitality and depth to the branding of the company.

This campaign helped the company to demonstrate pride in all types of work and encouraged employees to understand the different types of jobs that keep Sure running, supporting the unification of company operations and bringing awareness to the impact and reach of Sure as an overall brand, as well as demonstrating Sure’s support of employees.

Conscient delivered a campaign in accordance with the timeline provided, which catered to Sure’s objectives and which, further, received positive feedback from Sure’s team and employees, with other regional offices displaying interest in renovation of workspace design. Conscient introduced a campaign to Sure which developed on and energised existing branding, and provided designs with the potential to be utilised elsewhere by the company. Moreover, focusing on creating a more inclusive environment for employees often equals more productivity, and can improve overall employee attitude, pride and performance.

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